Articles in Alpha Order


A Glimpse into the Future
A Matter of Perspective - Revisited
A-Maze-ing Day Out!
A New Record!
A Timely Reminder or Aliens in Our Midst?
Absent and Present at the Same Time
About Force Fields
About Having Kids
About Painkillers
Acceleration - Revisited
Acts of Kindness
Admiring Buildings
Affirmation of the Day
Affirmation of the Day - 2
Affirmation of the Day - 3
Affirmation of the Day - 4
Affirmation of the Day - 5
All for One and One for All
All is One
Angels are Everywhere - Revisited
Another Dog Story with a Twist in the Tail
Another Way to Relax
Another Year of Non-Time
Ascension - Revisited
Au Naturale


Battle of the Giants
Being Breathed into Being
Being Formless - In Practice
Being in Love
Being Present
Binary Numbers
Blind Shopping
Being Formless - Revisited
Breaking the Norm


Calling on the Healing Power of Love
Causeless Happiness
C'est La Meme Chose!
Change Your Pose, Change Your Photo
Clean Slate - Revisited
Coming Out of His Shell
Computer Expert
Contemplating Affirmations
Counting Sheep


Did You Text Me?
Dissolving Fear
Dissolving Period Pain
Divine Intervention
Divine Intervention - 2
Doctor, Doctor
Does Fasting Have Any Benefits?
Doing Things By the Book of Light
Don't Blame Me, Blame the Cat!
Don't Bother!
Don't Bother! - 2
Don't Even Think About It!
Do You Live in a TV Drama or Love Story?
Dream Come True


Every Moment is New
Eyes Wide Open


Family Reunion
Fighting a Losing Battle
Fighting Your Corner
Finding Where You Truly Belong
Floating Salon
Following My Heart is Always Good for Me
For the Love of Love
Freedom of Choice
Freewill - Revisited
Friends Reunited


Get Real!
Getting Intoxicated Without the Hangover
Giving Unconditional Love to All
Going with the Flow
Good But Not For Us
Good One!
Good to Be Taken Care Of
Good to Hear From You!
Green Light
Guinea Pig


Happy and Glorious
Have You Been Eavesdropping Again?
Having Time to Stand and Stare
Healing Hands
Healing Hands Experiment
Heavenly Moments
Heavenly Moments - 2
Help, I'm Lost!
Hidden Talents
History Repeating Itself - Revisited
How Fast are You Travelling?
How One Man's Win Blesses Many
How to Achieve Permanent Peace


I am the Future!
I am the Problem and the Solution
I Believe in You!
I Can Afford Everything
I Can Only Transform What I Truly Possess
I Have the Power!
I Know How to Download!
I Love You!
I Walk with Mighty Companions
I Wonder How They Are?
If Not Now, How About Now? - Revisited
I'm Still Here!
Inner Strength
In Real Life
Introduction Agency
Invisible Rain
Is Advertising Happening to You or For You?
Is Belief Really That Important?
Is Life Happening to You or For You?
Is Your Self Expanded or Contracted?
IT Helpline
It Only Takes One to Change the World - Revisited
It's All About Your Consciousness
It's Good to Talk!
It's Good to Talk! - Part 2
It's Good to Talk! - Part 3
It's Your Fault If You're Still Hungry!


Karma or Mercy?  You Decide!


Letting Go of Old Habits is Like Opening Pandora's Box
Letting My Dog Do the Fetching
Letting My Feelings Direct Me
Life is a Masterpiece
Light Dissolves All Bugs
Like Magic
Like Yesterday
Long Lost Pals
Losing Weight
Love Always Knows Where to Find Me - Revisited
Love Comfort Zones - Revisited
Love For No Reason
Love is All We Need
Love is Acceptance
Love is Always Victorious!
Love is Everywhere
Love is My Protection
Love Makes Life Real
Love Makes You Stand Out
Love Rules!
Love's Constant Care
Love Will Create a Way
Love Will Create a Way - Part 2
Loving James Bond
Loving the Love in Me is Loving the Love in All
Loving this Cat!
Loving this Comedy!
Loving this Comedy! - 2
Loving this Dog!
Loving this Singer's Voice!
Loving Your Neighbour


Making All Things New
Making Connections in My Dream
Making Myself Invisible
Making Time for Love
Many Problems, One Solution
Me Too!
Meeting Each Other's Needs - Revisited
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
More about Breathing
More about Self-Belief
More about the Secret of Eternal Youth
My Eurovision Song
My Glass is Always Full
My Inner Guy
My Light is the Cause of My Life


Natural Beauty
Nature Watch
NDE Website
News Break
Nice to Be Understood
No Adjectives
No Broken Links in Self
No Lost Opportunities!
No Ordinary Magician
No Power Whatsoever!
No Wonder!
Not a Person - Revisited
Note to Self - I Have Consciousness
Note to Self - Life
Note to Self - Nothing Standing in the Way of Your Good
Nothing is Ever Lost 
Nothing Missing in Love
Now is the Only Moment that Counts
Now That is Power!
No, You are Not Mad! - Revisited


Only One of Us Here!
On Being a Puppet
One Good Deed Leads to Another
On Teleportation and Instant Manifestation
Opposites Do Not Attract - Revisited


Park Life
Patience in Action
Perfect Match
Pink and Purple
Pink and Purple - 2
Please Help Me Get Up!
Puppy Love


Quote of the Day
Quote of the Day - 2
Quote of the Day - 3
Quote of the Day - 4
Quote of the Day - 5
Quote of the Day - 6


Reading You Loud and Clear!
Reality Check! - It's all a Dream
Receiving You Loud and Clear!
Relax and Let Life Happen
Reminder to Self
Reminder to Self - 2
Reminder to Self - 3
Reminder to Self - 4
Reminder to Self - 5
Reminder to Self - 6
Reminder to Self - Be Careful What Questions You Ask
Reminder to Self - Calling on Energy
Reminder to Self - Cut to the Chase
Reminder to Self - Dare to Be Love?
Reminder to Self - Fear is Forgetfulness of Infinite Self
Reminder to Self - Love Melts Disharmony
Reminder to Self - Masks
Reminder to Self - Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away
Reminder to Self - On Being a Literalist
Reminder to Self - Resist Not Evil
Reminder to Self - Retraining My Dog
Reminder to Self - Self-Acceptance
Reminder to Self - Self-Promotion
Reminder to Self - Spirit Folk
Reminder to Self - The Illusory Nature of Magic
Reminder to Self - The One Self in All
Reminder to Self - The Power of Affirmations
Reminder to Self - The Power of Relaxation
Reminder to Self - The Two Paths
Reminder to Self - There is Nothing Wrong
Reminder to Self - Using Discernment
Reminder to Self - What is Self-Love?
Reminder to Self - Where Do You Live?
Reminder to Self - Why I Believe in Belief
Riding a Bike
Rules? Pfff!  Don't Make Me Laugh!
Russian Dolls
Russian Hat


Saving the Last One for Me
Scenic Route
Seeing from All Angles
Seeing How God Sees
Seeing How Kids See
Seeing With My Eyes Closed
Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Showing Off My Beckham Move
Smart Alec
Smiley Happy Face
Social Life
Solution Dissolves Problems
Some Thoughts on Teleportation and Manifestation
Song of the Day
Song of the Day - 2
Song of the Day - 3
Song of the Day - 4
Song of the Day - 5
Song of the Day - 6
Song of the Day - 7
Song of the Day - 8
Song of the Day - 9
Song of the Day - 10
Song of the Day - 11
Song of the Day - 12
Song of the Day - 13
Song of the Day - 14
Song of the Day - 15
Song of the Day - 16
Song of the Day - 17
Song of the Day - 18
Song of the Day - 19
Song of the Day - 20 
Song of the Day - 21 
Song of the Day - 22
Stay a Little While Longer!
Straight from the Horse's Mouth - Revisited
Sweet Franglais


Taking Command - Revisited
Thanks Again, Love!
That About Covers It!
That About Covers It! - 2
That Doesn't Sound Right!
The Answer is Always One
The Complete Package
The Creative Fire of Love
The Four Seasons
The Game of Giving and Receiving
The Game of Looking for Pink Cars
The Gardener
The Gift of Insomnia
The Hard Way or Easy Way - Revisited
The Lord Will Provide!
The Lord Will Provide! - 2
The Olympic Torch
The Power of Belief
The Power of Belief - 2
The Power of Gratitude
The Power of Gratitude - Part 2
The Power of "Just in Case"
The Power to Heal is Within
The Prayer of Oneness
The Real FA Cup Final
The Refresh Button
The Time is 11: 11!
The Voice of Love Sees Only the Good
The Way of Love
There is Nothing Out There!
There is Only One Day
There's Good in Every Detour
There You Are!
Things Always Work Out for Good!
This Body is Taken
This is Funny!
This is Lovely!
This is Lovely! - 2
Thought of the Day
Thought of the Day - 2
Thought of the Day - 3
Thought of the Day - 4
Thought of the Day - 5
Thought of the Day - 6
Thought of the Day - 7
Thought of the Day - 8
Thought of the Day - 9
Today is Full of Joy
To Boldy Go Where We are All at One
To Think or Not To Think?
Travel Guide - Revisited
Trusting in the Presence
Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich
Typical Cat!


Understanding - Revisited
Unity Consciousness in the Neighbourhood


Value for Money


Wake Up, Sleepy Head!
Walking on Water
Watching the World Go By
We are All Equal
Wealthy in Nothing
What a Sweety!
What Do I Need?
What I Don't Want, Doesn't Want Me
What is Ascension?
What, No Ice Cream?
Whatever Works
What's That?
When You Feel Like Staying Home, Stay Home!
Where are You?
Where are You? - 2
Where Few Dare to Tread
Where Have You Been?
Why Being the One is Not Practical
Why I Can't Help People Walking All Over Me
Why It's Important to Go Direct to Source
Why Smart Phones are Not Smart Enough
Windproof Brolly
Windproof Brolly - Part 2
Would You Mind Sitting Down, Pee-lease?


Your Loss!