Tuesday, 23 October 2012

To Boldly Go Where We are All at One

I find there are two ways to experience oneness.

One way is to be in that place of stillness that is without concepts, doctrines, dogmas, and judgments.  In that "space" we are all one.

Another way is to follow my heart.  When I'm doing what I love, I'm joined with all who are doing what they love.

So I noticed a news headlines about a couple who had had a Klingon wedding in real life.  (Klingon is an alien race in the science fiction series, Star Trek).   Although I didn't read the full article, the headline did make me smile as I'm a huge fan of Star Trek.

Then I reviewed an article I wrote years ago that was inspired by Star Trek. I even posted the article on my current blog.

A few hours later, a friend texted me to tell me that while he was reading his newspaper, he noticed some information about a Star Trek Convention on in London and asked if I was aware of it.   I told him I wasn't aware the Convention was on.  I said years ago I attended a Star Trek convention and I loved it.  He suggested that I should go dressed as Uhura.

It's interesting how though I wasn't consciously aware of the convention, my love for StarTrek had kept me so connected that I had noticed the news headline about the Klingons, reviewed the article about Star Trek and my friend had noticed the information about the convention.

While I couldn't attend the convention the next day, I did spend two hours watching Star Trek Voyager. In that moment I was joined with all Trekkies.

When I am loving what I love, I am joined with all who love; and I experience life in perfect harmony.


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