Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Letting My Feelings Direct Me

I was going to walk home, which I usually enjoy, but for some strange reason I didn't feel like walking so I hopped on the bus.

The bus was almost packed full.  When I went upstairs, I noticed a vacant window seat and a woman sitting near the vacant seat. I indicated to her that I wanted to sit down and she moved to the window seat.

"This seat is nice and warm!" I said.

"I knew there was a reason why I was sitting there," she said sardonically, which made me laugh.

During the journey, my travel companion asked me if the bus was going past a particular museum. I told her she would need to stay on the bus till we hit the main road then catch another one back. I also said that I didn't think the museum was open on that day.  She said she was actually going next door to the museum. I asked her if she was going to the building with the funny looking name that I've often wondered about. She said she was.

"Aha, I knew there was a purpose for you sitting here!" I teased my friend.

"Yes, we met so I could educate you!" she laughed.

My friend told me the building with the "funny name" is a theatre company  that promotes disabled artists and she was a director.

Apparently, the name of the company, Graeae, is based on a Greek legend about the 3 Graeae sisters who shared only a tooth and an eye between them.  Perseus "borrowed" their eye and tooth to kill Medusa but never returned them.

My friend also lives in an area of London I used to live in and we discussed the area and things that have changed. 

I'm so glad I listened to how I was feeling, which directed me to a director of a company I'd been wondering about. 

It's strange how it hadn't occurred to me to look up the company I'd been wondering about on the Internet. I guess it's a lot more fun and magical to connect with someone who can answer the question I'd been wondering about.


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