Friday, 5 October 2012

Good to Hear from You!

A while back a friend I usually chat to in the library, told me her husband was ill. I asked her if she was open for prayer and she said she was.

In my thoughts, I acknowledged that there is only one loving Presence who is constantly meeting everyone's needs including my friend and her husband.

Although we've chatted a few times since, I haven't seen her in a while. Just yesterday I wondered about both of them.  I wondered if they'd returned home to Canada, where they are from. I made a mental note to email my friend today.

Today, my friend came looking for me in the library. She said her husband had an operation recently. He'd been told by one surgeon that his condition was inoperable but another surgeon did the operation. He's now doing well. He's even been out and about. I told her I had been wondering about both of them. My friend said she's been meaning to contact me too to thank me for praying.

I love how when I wonder about someone, my wondering gets answered.

Though we appear to be separated by "time" and "space", we are always one.

All the very best to my friends!


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