Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Retraining My Dog - Revisited

In last night's episode of a TV series called For the Love of Dogs, about the work being done at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, one particular dog was very nervous around people. Presumably, the dog had been treated badly in the past.  It had taken months to get the dog to even trust the people who work at the Home.  A couple who saw the dog's photo on the website liked the look of the dog and were willing to give the dog a home but they returned him after two days because they couldn't cope with the dog's shyness. A member of staff took the dog home for two weeks which enabled the dog to get used to living in a home environment. Soon, a family arrived who liked the dog.  Although they were aware of the dog's shyness they decided to give him a home.  With a lot of patience and love,  the dog soon settled into his new home.

Just like the dog in the TV show had to be retrained with a lot of love and patience to trust, I also have a "dog" that I have been training with a lot of love and patience - my human self.  My human self/dog was very fearful and had difficulty trusting people and her environment.  I have been retraining her to trust that the Universe is a loving place that supports you in all ways. I have also been training my dog to obey certain commands that help her receive her good.

For instance, early this morning when I woke up with a period pain, I repeated to myself the following affirmation:

"I am full of Infinite Joy!"

My dog relaxed and received Joy which dissolved the pain.

I love my dog and my dog loves me.


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