Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Don't Bother! - 2

Ever since my friend told me he'd become a Reader at his church, I've been thinking of turning up one day to surprise him.

Each time I thought of going, something would stop me and I wouldn't go.

A few days ago, my friend popped up in my thoughts.  I texted him and asked if we could meet up.  When I didn't receive a response, I decided I would go to the Wednesday evening service and surprise him.

My friend then texted me and we arranged to meet up early. He said he wasn't going to be able to make the evening service as he had a funeral to attend.

When we met up, my friend told me that the church where they were originally based was sold two years ago and they now meet up twice a week at this hotel. 

Now it made sense why I kept having the urge to visit him at his church but something kept holding me back. I would have been making a wasted journey.

Thank you, Love.


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