Saturday, 25 August 2012

Receiving You Loud and Clear!

While I was walking through the fruits and vegetable aisle at the supermarket, I had a thought that I should get 2 lemons as I know my mother likes to use lemons to clean the chicken.

Although onions were not on the shopping list, I thought about getting a packet just in case we'd run out.

When I arrived home with the shopping, my mother told me she'd been trying to call me on my mobile.  She said she tried several times but kept getting a message that the call couldn't be put through. I told her that for some reason I can't receive calls while I'm inside in that shop. I usually have to go to the checkout section to make a phone call.

When I asked mum why she had been trying to call me, she said she was going to ask me to get a packet of onions and 2 lemons.

I believe as we all share the one Self we are always connected anyway, whether we are together or apart.  That's why I was able to receive my mother's "calls" loud and clear even though I couldn't receive her calls on my mobile.


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