Tuesday, 7 August 2012

History Repeating Itself - Revisited

In last night's Olympics men's 400 metres hurdles final Felix Sanchez, from the Dominican Republic, won gold.  The last time he won gold was 8 years ago in the 2004 Olympics.  The interesting thing was he ran the same time as he did 8 years ago.

I can imagine a lot of people must have written Sanchez off and not expected him to make such a great comeback. It must take such self-belief and determination to achieve that kind of success.

I believe there is another way one can repeat past successes.

As I see it, all time exists in the present moment.  Therefore, if you've achieved phenomenal success in the "past", you can repeat that success here and now by reliving those memories.  It's a matter of recalling the feelings and "seeing" yourself in that moment.  You practise reliving those feelings and before you know it, you end up repeating history like Felix Sanchez.

There's nothing wrong with living in the past if it serves purpose.

Well done, Felix Sanchez, for reliving your dream!


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