Monday, 30 July 2012

Nature Watch

I watched this nature documentary on television about photographers who were filming animals and creatures that are active in the dark.

One photographer had an obsession with filming jaguars and kept a vigil for them. At one point she was amazed to see two jaguars in the distance - male and female -  coming together to mate.  The next time she set up camp to look out for jaguars one jaguar kept coming towards her and got so close she was terrified the jaguar was going to pay her a visit, but the jaguar walked on by. The next day when she checked the footprints she saw that the jaguar had been literally outside her camp.

It didn't surprise me that the jaguar got so close and personal with the photographer. That's what happens when you love and appreciate something, they can't help but be magnetised to you too. 

Love is a magnet that attracts what you love.  The more you love, the more irresistible you are.


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