Monday, 30 July 2012

Divine Intervention - 2

I was chatting to a cousin recently whom I haven't seen in 29 years.  The last time I saw him, he was only a boy and I used to hang out at their house to play. He's now grown up and has his own family.  See Family Reunion

He told me when he came to live in the UK he joined the British Army and rose to the rank of Sergeant before he left to pursue another career.  (I told him years ago, I also applied to join the Army to work as a nurse but I didn't get in)

While he was a sergeant, he was based in Kosovo during the civil war. He said it was a stressful job because he not only had to command a squad, he had to contend with racism.  I asked him how he coped in that environment and whether he always prayed for protection.   He said it was his faith in God that protected him. He showed me a scar he had on his thumb that was caused by an injury.

He said one time they were on top of this mountain. He was meant to report back to base at a particular time.  Nearer the appointed time, he discovered he didn't have any signal on his phone.  He decided to walk down and make the phone call.  The moment he left, there was this huge explosion and a hole right where he had been standing.  Apparently, someone had launched some kind of weapon that had only just missed him. He then led his squad off the mountain to safety.

My cousin believes that the loss of signal was Divine Intervention. 


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