Tuesday, 3 July 2012

About Having Kids

I was chatting to a woman I met at the park who was walking her two dogs, whom she laughingly calls her kids.  She said she has got two real human kids, a boy and girl.  She said she wanted more but she decided to get the dogs instead.  I told her I didn't have any kids nor did I want any. She said she read an article recently about women who don't want to have kids.   She said women who have kids normally give women who don't want kids a hard time for their decision. She believed that the world would be a lot better place if only people who wanted kids  had them. Then the kids would be wanted and loved.  She said she respected my decision. I said I am not averse to kids, I just don't want kids of my own.

I didn't tell my friend at the park my real reason for not wanting kids right now as I didn't feel it was appropriate.

There was a time when I thought about having kids and even had the urge to have them. I even discussed having kids with my partner at the time.  Then something happened.  I had this urge that I wanted out of the life/death cycle of reincarnation. I wanted to just experience what it would be like to live as my authentic self here and  now. The moment I put out the intention the urge left me to have kids.  In other words, I lost the "maternal instinct."

I have come to realise that what passes as maternal instinct is actually driven by the death programme.  The moment you are born into this reality, the time bomb starts ticking urging you to grow up and prepare your body to procreate.  There are three reasons for procreation.  First, since humans appear to have lost their ability to live forever in the same body, immortality can only be achieved via their offspring. Second, procreation is your insurance policy, so you can have someone to look after you when you are old and decrepit.   Third, society needs people to procreate to keep the work force going.

When your actions are no longer driven by the death programme, you are no longer under the tyranny of time. In other words, you know you have all the time in the world to do what you love.  And since your instincts are only driven by Love, you know that if you choose to have children, you don't have them so they can look after you in old age or to fulfil some kind of expectation, you do it to express love unconditionally.

Right now my focus is on undoing and erasing the old programmes and sharing what I love. My stories are my offspring. :-)


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