Saturday, 21 July 2012

About Force Fields

One thing I find very interesting about the sci-fi series Star Trek is the use of force fields created by using energy. There are different kinds of force fields used.

Let's say scientists are working on an experiment using volatile material, they can use a "containment field" around the area which contains the experiment and protects others in the immediate area from injury. A "containment field" can also be used to contain someone or something that is considered dangerous.

Another popular force field used in Star Trek is one that is placed around an area that prevents entry or exit. If someone tries to enter the force field, they are either injured or killed. There are some species like the Borg who can enter a force field by adapting to the frequency.

The Star Trek crew are constantly using shields to protect their ships from attacks. Some weapons are so powerful that they are able to drain the force fields.

I believe the use of force fields is not just science fiction but actually a fact of life. I am constantly using force fields though I don't call them force fields.

When I repeat Truth affirmations that I believe in, these affirmations create a force field in my consciousness that opposing beliefs cannot enter. I find the field also acts as a deterrent for me and prevents me from repeating the same mistake.

Another way I create a force field is by blessing myself or an area with a particular attribute. For example, when I bless myself or an area with peace, then Peace repels thought forms of disharmony. Ditto love, joy, etc.

Prayer is another way I create a force field as the words of the prayer come to life and create a field of protection.

Still another way is by being in silence i.e. experiencing life from stillness where there are no thoughts. Inner Silence creates a field around me where thoughts have no power or influence.

How powerful my "force field" is depends on my belief.  Doubt of any kind weakens the force field.

A friend once shared a story about being invited to his friend's who were moving away. On the day, he fell ill and didn't think he could make it but he forced himself to go. As soon as he arrived at their house he felt better. The moment he left he was back to feeling sick again. My friend learned later that his friends had prayed for the evening to go well. In other words, the force field of Love in the house had been so powerful that the disharmony my friend had been experiencing was quickly dissolved in that atmosphere of harmony. The moment my friend was no longer in that force field and in the world again with its conflicting thoughts, he was back to feeling sick.

Years ago, after I heard that Psalm 91 was a prayer of protection, I resolved to memorise it and put myself on a diet of constantly repeating that prayer. I was feeling a lot of fear at the time. The first thing I noticed was I felt very peaceful. In other words, the words had come to life and created a force field that repelled thoughts of fear. That is one powerful Psalm that I highly recommend.

Here are a few affirmations I use to create a force field:

Love is all there is.
I am Love-Light; nothing can be added to or taken away from my Light.
Joy, Joy, Joy!
Thank you, Love!
I am loved and safe in every moment.
I live, move and have my being in Love.

In an ideal world, I wouldn't need to use force fields. In an ideal world, there would be no conflicts, no disharmony, no sickness, no wars, no suffering, no lack and no death; and we would all live in perfect harmony. Until Nirvana is attained by all, I will continue to use force fields in my reality.

Thank you, Star Trek, for reminding me of the power of force fields.


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