Thursday, 21 June 2012

Trusting in the Presence

In a previous post, I wrote that "there is only one loving Presence which is the life of all."  In other words, the Presence is not only living in all creations, He is constantly sustaining the Universe.  He, therefore, needs no help from anyone to do His job.

Unfortunately, most of us have been programmed to believe that the Presence has abandoned His creation.  In the meantime, we dream up many different strategies to help us survive such as: 

Are you having problems digesting your food?  Take this pill!
Are you having problems sleeping?  Take this pill!
Do you want more energy?  Drink this, eat that, take this pill, do this exercise!
Do you want to stay healthy?  Drink this, eat that, do this exercise!
Do you want to be happy?  Take this, do that, try and change your loved one, save the world!

While you are busy giving away your power to pills, potions, rituals and things outside of you, you are oblivious to the Infinite Power and Wonder within you that is designed to sustain you naturally, prosper you and to make you happy. 

Let's say one day you "wake up" and realise there is this Presence in you that can meet your every need.  It's not enough to acknowledge the Presence, you have to act as if you trust in the Presence at all times.  If you continue to follow the same old rituals, you are not going to let the Power work for you.  

Here's one example of letting the Power work for you.

Earlier on when I went to the toilet I was feeling constipated. I was about to help things along by forcing things, then I reminded myself that the Presence of Love is right where I am, therefore, there's no need to force anything.   What needs to come out will come out. I relaxed and I was relieved effortlessly.

For me, it takes practice and more practice to get out of that habit of trying to force things to happen instead of letting the Presence do His work.

I trust in the Presence.


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