Monday, 18 June 2012

Thanks Again, Love!

Years ago, I got chatting to this guy I met at the bookshop. He then invited me to a Quakers meeting. As I'd never attended one before I was curious about it so I accompanied him.  When we arrived at the building, he told me he wasn't going to attend the actual meeting but was going to sit in their library and read.  I decided to attend the meeting.   Later, while I was chatting to the same friend about the meeting, he stared into my eyes and repeated the following:
"Don't go looking for love; love will come to you!"  (see Meeting with Friends)
As I was going through heartache at the time from a break-up, I presumed his message was referring to my relationship.  It was later that I realised he was speaking about the desires of my heart which include:  right ideas, right solutions, right people, right opportunities, and everything that gives me joy and makes life wonderful.  

I have found Love always comes looking for me, even in my sleeping dreams.

When I arrived at the library one of the security guards told me a regular user had been looking for me.  I told him I hadn't been around for a few days.  I had a feeling I knew who it was.  There is this friend who always lets me know where there are interesting free events and festivals.  The last time I saw him I told him I'd been thinking of him after I saw the advert for the  Tour de France as I know he's really into cycling.  He told me he was going to another bike race that very evening.

About an hour later after speaking to the security guard, my friend turned up.  He apologised for not having time to speak to me properly the last time I'd seen him.  He then told me about a festival called West End Live featuring scenes from all the musicals in the west end for free. He thought I would find it interesting.

While I was in the same library, another friend came looking for me and she brought me a bar of chocolate, which was great timing as I was feeling peckish.

I have observed the principle of "Love will come to you" is not just true for me but true for everyone.   Just as Love was working through my friend to bless me; Love works through me to bless others too.

I've forwarded the festival information to friends who might be interested in attending.

Thank you, Love, for always thinking about me/us.


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