Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Many Problems, One Solution

"There is only one Presence of Love that wants the best for everyone concerned." ~~ Enocia
While I was in the library an old friend, I haven't seen in a while, came looking for me.  She was concerned about her husband's health. They've been together for about 50 years. We talked about the treatment the doctors have recommended and her concerns for the future.  I asked her if she was open for prayer and she said she was.  I told her I would pray for both of them.

By praying I'm actually acknowledging what I believe to be true that there is only one loving Presence which is the life of all.

I believe the One is always creating the perfect solution(s) that meet the individual's needs according to their world view.  In other words, it's not up to me to figure out the how, I just know that the One is in charge; and everything always works out for the best.

There is only one solution to the many problems.

Only One exists!


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