Tuesday, 12 June 2012

How to Achieve Permanent Peace

My mother and I were watching the movie The Ten Commandments (not the original but a modern version) which is about how Moses is called by God to lead his people (Israelites) out of slavery into the Promised Land.  God also gives Moses The Ten Commandments, which are instructions about how they should worship God, behave and treat others.

In a battle scene with the Israelites fighting against their enemies, I said to my mother, "The only difference between battles in the Middle East in Biblical times and modern day is the weapons they're using. Otherwise, it's the same old, same old! "

"Why is man constantly fighting?" mum said. "It's as if they don't want peace."

"I believe it's because majority of people are living from what I call surface mentality," I said.  "That is the state of mind that creates problems and wars.  It's the mind that is constantly thinking.  To achieve permanent peace you have to go beyond that mind to a deep state of consciousness, which is our right mind where we are all at one."

"But that will take ages for everyone to achieve this!" mum said.

"There's no need to wait for everyone.  It's something each individual has to do for themselves - disconnect from the surface mentality and live from their right mind.   If it wasn't for the minority who are living from that deep state of consciousness now, humanity would have destroyed itself a long time ago."

We went back to watching the movie.

When you are living from surface mentality with constant thoughts, you experience life as "them and us" and see life as against you.  You are constantly fighting against something whether it's your loved ones; your neighbours, your government, other humans, the world at large, and even yourself.

When you are living from that deep state of consciousness, you experience life as working with you and for you at all times.  You don't have to worry about how things are going to work out; things always work out easily, effortlessly and for the best for everyone concerned.

How do I live from that deep state of consciousness? 

One way is being in inner silence - having no thoughts.  Then I am being the One Self that we all are whose nature is infinite bliss.  There are other methods, of course, but this is my preferred way.

Incidentally, while I was working on this piece, I started feeling intense pain in one arm that made it difficult to continue typing. I stopped and remained still for a few minutes. Then the pain dissolved and I was able to continue writing.

Here's one practical example of the oneness in action. 

I had arranged to meet up with a friend in the evening to watch movies at his house.  I had also planned to watch the finale of a TV series I've been following called Mad Men. Then I remembered that my friend hasn't got access to the channel that's showing "Mad Men."  I knew that everything would work out perfectly.  I soon received a text from my friend to cancel because of circumstances which he needs to sort out.  So it's worked out perfectly for both of us:  my friend is free to sort out what he needs to sort out; and I am free to watch "Mad Men".  We can always have a movie night another time.

The permanent Peace that humanity seeks is within all of us.
I am Stillness.


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