Thursday, 1 November 2012

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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Like Yesterday

A few days ago, I saw a woman on the bus who was the spitting image of a friend who lives in Ireland.   When I emailed my friend to tell her, she told me she was about to fly down to London and wondered if we could link up at some point.

We met up today.

Even though my friend and I haven't seen each other in person for 10 years, it felt like I only saw her yesterday.  She felt the same way too.

She's still the same - gorgeous, funny and lovable.  I really enjoyed being with her.

Thank you, forever friend, for meeting up and introducing me to green tea ice cream.


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Thursday, 25 October 2012


On the bus, a lot of school kids cme on.  I noticed this particular woman sitting beside two kids.  I wondered if she was a teacher or one of the parents.

When the seat next to me was vacant, she moved and sat next to me.  I asked her where they were off to and she said to some museum in town. I asked her if she was a parent and she said yes.  She also said she was feeling cold and asked if I could shut the window.

As I was chatting to her, it occurred to me that she reminded me of a friend I haven't seen in ages. (My friend now lives in Ireland).   The only differences were the skin tone and eyes.  My friend has blue eyes and the woman had grey eyes.  My friend is a lot lighter than the woman.  Otherwise, she could have passed as my friend's twin.

Later, I emailed my friend to tell her about her doppelganger. 

She emailed me back to tell me she was coming to London for a few days and wondered if we could meet up.

I reckon I was picking up on my friend's intention which manifested as her doppelganger.


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Seeing How Kids See

A whole bunch of kids got on the bus this morning.  They looked about 8 years old. An adult woman who was with them told me they were on their way to a museum in town.

It was fun travelling with the kids because they found excitement in things I take for granted. 

For instance, when the bus was going round this roundabout, the kids started squealing and it did feel like we were on some joyride.

When the bus went underneath this tunnel, the kids got very excited again.

When I see the way young kids see the world, life is full of joy and wonder.


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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Reminder to Self - The Two Paths

The following article was previously posted on my Free to Be Me as Love blog.


Thursday, 27 December 2007

The Two Paths
"Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness." Isaiah 55: 1-2

"No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Matthew 6: 24

"I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes."  Psalm 82: 6-7
I have found that in every moment I have two decisions: do I follow the path of my True Self as Love or do I go with what society and the world says is true. One choice is usually for free and the other is one you have to sweat blood and guts for.

I remember years ago I did some voluntary work at the local Women's Centre. At the time I was exploring my identity as a woman. I got to meet women from different backgrounds. I was also thinking about going into therapy because I believed there was some childhood issues I needed to deal with. I had already seen two therapists but I didn't feel they were suitable. At the Women's Centre I met this woman who called herself a spiritual counsellor. She offered sessions for free at her house and invited me for a session.

At our first session I felt myself opening up and I poured out everything that I was unhappy with, which I attributed to experiences I had had as a child. I ranted and raved for about two hours and wailed like a banshee. I was so embarrassed to cry in front of that woman as I always saw crying as weak. After I had exhausted myself, the counsellor suggested that I visualise all those people who had hurt me and then forgive them. Forgive? That's way too simple and naive an approach! I thought we were going to spend months discussing this not forgiveness. Besides, how could I forgive them when they didn't believe they had done anything wrong? The counsellor said I was welcome to return the next week. Before I left, I went to the bathroom where I repaired my makeup and silently vowed I would never return to that "mad" woman again. Forgiveness? Bloody cheek!

One day at a creative writing evening class I was attending, I heard this woman talking about her therapy sessions. I asked for her therapist's details and made an appointment to see her. Her approach was exactly what I had in mind where I can talk and she analyses me. She encouraged me to record my dreams. The only catch was I couldn't afford our weekly sessions because I was a student and living on pittance. My therapist offered to charge me half the amount and we agreed to meet about once every two weeks. In between our sessions, she recommended books for me to read to enable me to understand my psyche. Fortunately, I didn't have to buy them; I borrowed them from her library. She also advised me to join a women's support group which I attended. I still found it quite hard trying to make my student grant stretch to include therapy sessions. I ended up seeing her for about six months until one day I realised I no longer needed to be in therapy. (See The Causeless Cause).

As you can see, I was offered the way of Love and forgiveness which came for free but I wasn't open to that approach. I ended up experiencing a way that I could relate to, which I couldn't even afford. It's good to know that the Universe was supporting my beliefs anyway.

Years later, I had a knee injury. I spent about two years looking for a cure and seeing various therapists. After I had depleted my resources, I turned to God and asked for HIS help. God showed me a vision of myself running. There came a point when I ran for a bus and my knee was perfect. (See The Gift of Unbelief). How much did God's vision cost me? Not a single penny.

Years ago I was feeling very depressed. At the time I was temping and I wasn't happy doing it. I knew that being someone's secretary wasn't my destiny. I wanted a whole new direction, a new life, but I didn't know how to go about it.

One day I heard a Voice within me telling me to get out my notebook. The Voice started dictating to me affirmations such as:

I AM Love
I AM Peace
I AM Joy
I AM Power
I AM Wisdom
I AM Freedom
I AM Fulfilment
I AM That I AM

And so it went on. I was soon called up for a week's contract but it turned out there wasn't much typing so I ended up writing out I AM affirmations in my notebook.

The Voice told me that I already had everything within me and when I affirm as the I AM, I am calling it forth. I was told that the I AM within me, my God Presence, would teach me Her way of doing things, as opposed to the world's way. I was to follow no one but trust in my God Presence.

I wish I could say everything was easy. It was difficult for me to accept this. How could I possibly think I can be God with affirmations? There was also my Christian programming to contend with that says the only way to God is through Jesus. I also realised I was frightened of experiencing my own greatness. And I didn't have to pay for it, which meant it must have little or no value.

Gradually I started to trust in mySelf. I realised I didn't need to channel anyone but to simply be the I AM and let the I AM express as my experiences. I also realised that I have my own unique path and blueprint that I am here to follow and share with others.

In case you're wondering how much it has cost me to express my I AM? Zilch.

By the way, I'm not saying that a way is wrong because you have to pay for it. I am very much aware we live in a reality where money is used as exchange. As long as people still believe that we need to earn our good, then we'll continue to have an exchange system where money is part and parcel of that reality. I do believe that even that money can come for free when you trust in Love.

So there you have it, I'm always given two choices in every moment: the Love I AM or follow the world's way.

I AM Infinite Love.


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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

To Boldly Go Where We are All at One

I find there are two ways to experience oneness.

One way is to be in that place of stillness that is without concepts, doctrines, dogmas, and judgments.  In that "space" we are all one.

Another way is to follow my heart.  When I'm doing what I love, I'm joined with all who are doing what they love.

So I noticed a news headlines about a couple who had had a Klingon wedding in real life.  (Klingon is an alien race in the science fiction series, Star Trek).   Although I didn't read the full article, the headline did make me smile as I'm a huge fan of Star Trek.

Then I reviewed an article I wrote years ago that was inspired by Star Trek. I even posted the article on my current blog.

A few hours later, a friend texted me to tell me that while he was reading his newspaper, he noticed some information about a Star Trek Convention on in London and asked if I was aware of it.   I told him I wasn't aware the Convention was on.  I said years ago I attended a Star Trek convention and I loved it.  He suggested that I should go dressed as Uhura.

It's interesting how though I wasn't consciously aware of the convention, my love for StarTrek had kept me so connected that I had noticed the news headline about the Klingons, reviewed the article about Star Trek and my friend had noticed the information about the convention.

While I couldn't attend the convention the next day, I did spend two hours watching Star Trek Voyager. In that moment I was joined with all Trekkies.

When I am loving what I love, I am joined with all who love; and I experience life in perfect harmony.


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When You Feel like Staying Home, Stay Home!

So I was thinking it would be nice to stay home the next day and work from home.

When I woke up the next morning, it was still very dark. I really wasn't in the mood to go out.  I got dressed anyway.  As I was walking to the bus stop,  my eyesight went foggy. I thought it was because of the fog outside, but my vision grew worse and I realised there was no way I was going into town in that condition.  I decided to return home.

On the way home, a woman smiled at me. Even though I could barely see her face, I was grateful for her love. I then saw another friend walking his dog and he walked part of the way with me and wished me well.

At home I relaxed and reminded myself that Love is right where I am. To distract me from the headache, I put the television on to watch some Star Trek The Next Generation. For a while it worked but then I started having a stomach upset and I was throwing up.  Fortunately, I was on my own as the last thing I needed was someone making a fuss over me.   I then went to lie down. While I was in bed I continued to thank Love for being present.

The headache and the stomach upset soon passed.  I ended up working from home.

When I went to the library today, they told me that if I had come in yesterday it would have been a wasted journey as their computers weren't working.

Note to Self - when you feel like staying home, stay home!


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Doctor, Doctor

I've been writing jokes.  I reckon I'm channelling Tommy Cooper.  :-)

Here are some:

Patient: Doctor, I feel like a horse.
Doctor: Here's a prescription. Trot along to the chemist and buy yourself a neigh-sal spray.

Patient: Doctor, I feel like a pillow.
Doctor: I thought you felt lumpy when I examined you.

Patient: Doctor, I feel like a fridge.
Doctor: No wonder you sound so cold!

Patient: Doctor, I can't see you very well.
Doctor: No problem, I can see you!

Patient: Doctor, I feel like a tree.
Doctor: Stand tall, all is well!

Patient: Doctor, I feel like a phone.
Doctor: In that case, I'll call you later.


Jokes copyright E Joseph

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Reminder to Self - Spirit Folk

The following article was previously posted at my Lucid Dreamer blog.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Spirit Folk

In the sci-fi series called StarTrek, which is about a crew exploring space in a spaceship, there is a technology on board called the holodeck. Let's say, a crew member wants to experience a reality, all he needs to do is write the equivalent computer programme, run the programme on the holodeck, enter the programme and have the experience. When a group wants to experience a reality, they write the programme collectively based on each person's preferences and then experience the reality collectively. When they've had enough of the experience they simply exit by asking the computer to end the programme.

In the StarTrek Voyager episode, Spirit Folk the crew have been running a programme that Harry Kim and Tom Paris created of an Irish village called "Fair Haven" that is set in the early 20th century. Whenever members of Voyager pay Fair Haven a visit, they dress just like the locals. The villagers have no idea that they are programmes and believe they are real humans. The crew end up forming strong ties with the people of Fair Haven; the captain has even fallen in love with the manager at the local pub.

On one occasion, Harry goes out on a date with Maggie from Fair Haven. Just as he's is about to kiss Maggie, his friend Tom decides to play a practical joke on him by rewriting the programme, which transforms Maggie into a cow. Unfortunately for Tom, two Fair Haven locals witness this transformation. The villagers are now suspicious of the Voyager crew who they now believe to be Spirit folk with magical powers. The villagers corner Tom and Harry and accuse them of witchcraft. Because of a malfunction in the programme, Tom and Harry are not able to exit the programme and they are captured. The villagers tie them up and perform incantations to banish them to the "other side" but their incantations don't work.

To cut a long story short, the captain eventually confesses to the villagers that they are not from Fair Haven but are explorers travelling on a space ship. The captain doesn't tell the villagers the whole truth that they are only computer programmes. The locals accept her explanation and the crew continues to be friends with the villagers.

I believe earth is a programme that we've all collectively written. Even though it feels like we're on some part of the galaxy, the truth is we've never left home. We are Spirit beings playing at being human. The programmes we have all written are meant to be harmless fun.

However, what has happened is some people have forgotten that they have written the programme and that they can change the programme if it's not to their satisfaction. When those who remember who they are change the programme, they are seen as Spirit folk and put on a pedestal. The truth is we are all Spirit folk.

How do you change the programme? Remember that you are Love dreaming about love.

Sweet dreams!


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Friday, 19 October 2012

I'm Still Here!

I usually see this woman at the bus stop. After I hadn't seen her for a few weeks, I started wondering whether she was on holidays or had moved away from the are.

This morning I saw her at the bus stop.  She said she's been leaving late that's why our paths haven't crossed for a while.

I'm glad my friend turned up to answer me in person.


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My Glass is Always Full

I believe the metaphor of  a glass that is half full or empty is an excellent one for understanding the nature of reality.

In the human experience we are programmed to think of our glass as either half full or half empty.  From that state you are in lack and either doing all you can to keep what you have or trying to get more of what you believe you don't have.

One who always sees their glass as always full, regardless of appearances,  knows his identity as Infinite Self.

Nothing can be added to or taken away from the infinite.

In practical terms,

When you know your love is infinite, it doesn't matter how much love you give or receive, you are always full of love.

When you know your happiness is infinite, it doesn't matter whether things are going your way or not, you are always happy.

When you know your energy is infinite, it doesn't matter how much energy you expend, you are always full of energy.

I believe lack and limitations are the effects of forgetting one's identity as Infinite Self. In other words, it is seeing the world from a half-full or half-empty perspective.  Instead of trying to fix the effects, simply be still and remember that your glass is always full and your Infinite Self will take care of the details.

My glass is always full.


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Love Always Knows Where to Find Me - Revisited

Many years ago, while I was hurting after the breakup of a relationship, I met this random guy who had a message for me. He stared into my eyes and repeated: "Don't go looking for love; love will come to you!"

At the time, I thought he meant affairs of the heart.  I came to realise he was referring to the desires of my heart.  What I love will always come to me.

So there I was in the library minding my business when I noticed a lecture was about to be held right where I was sitting. I was curious to find out what it was and it turned out it was about Epping Forest, a place I love to explore.  I even got the speaker to answer some questions I've had for a long time about that forest.

The desires of my heart always know where to find me.


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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Following My Heart is Always Good for Me

A while back, a friend asked me to keep a particular evening free for a spiritual lecture he wanted to invite me to. I promised I would.  As the day was growing nearer I checked the Website to see whether the lecture was still on and it's called "God is Working for Good in Your life." I wondered if my friend was still attending as he hadn't called me about it.

Last night, I received a text from my friend reminding that the lecture was on tonight and he said it would be nice to see me.  Although the talk sounds good on paper, when I asked myself if it would be good for me to be at that talk, my head said "Yes", but my heart said "No." 

The "head" represents that part of the individual that has been programmed to obey rules, to do your duty, to do what you should; and the "heart" is that which makes you happy.

Listening to a spiritual lecture is not my idea of fun, at least not today; going home, relaxing and watching some television definitely is.

So I texted my friend back that my good was now elsewhere and I wished him well.

I believe the easiest way to let God work for Good in my life is to follow my heart.

And when I'm happy doing what I love, the love that I am being and radiating blesses all.


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Heavenly Moments - 2

As I was strolling home, I noticed a girl  riding on her bicycle and shouting "Yay!"

When I came across her mother walking behind, I said to her, "Your daughter looks happy!"

"Yes, when she's on her bike,  she's in heaven!"

Being in heaven is so simple; all it takes is to love and do what you love and you're in heaven.


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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Song of the Day - 22

"A Kind of Magic" by Queen.


The Wonder of Dogs

I watched this wonderful programme on TV called "Walking with Dogs: A Wonderland Special"  about this woman who interviewed people from various walks of life as they were walking their dogs at Hampstead Heath.  Hampstead Heath is a park in north london. It's one of my favourite places in London; I've spent many hours exploring that park.

Back to the programme, some of the people interviewed included: a couple who had lost their son and found their dog helped them with their grief; a homeless woman living in a hostel who has been separated from her partner and children whose dog gives her comfort; a young man who has been in and out of prison whose dog gives him so much love; a woman whose husband has been in hospital for a while and walking the dogs help her cope; a wealthy guy who finds he connects with people because of his 5 dogs.

Later, while I was walking through my local park, I saw this woman walking her dogs who I usually chat to. I asked her if she'd watched the documentary and she said she had and she loved it.  She also told me awhile back while she was at another park that I also know very well, she was approached by someone asking her lots of questions about her dog and her life.  She had a feeling he was doing research for that TV programme.   They ended up filming at another park and using different people. My friend said her story was probably not tragic enough to be included in the programme.  :-)

Dogs give so much unconditional love. They don't care who you are or what you have done.

The programme also reminds me of how often I've connected with people I've met in the park through their dogs.  I find people are really willing to share themselves when you take the time out to chat to them and their dogs act as a love bridge. I've also learned a lot about myself through the dogs I've met.

Thank you for a brilliant programme! Loved it!


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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Help, I'm Lost!

Here's a story about a parrot who got lost and ended up knocking on this woman's door for help. Apparently, the woman works as a communications manager. She hen called the animal welfare trust who were aware that the parrot had been reported missing. The parrot was then reunited with his human love.

I thought it was funny how the bird asked another bird (British slang for female) for help.

Nothing is ever lost in Love. What appears lost will always be returned or restored. :-)


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That About Covers It! - 2

OK, here's another prayer that covers everything.
"Thank you, Love!" or
"Thank you, God!" or
"Thank You!" or
"Infinite thank you's!"
I give thanks when things appear to be going well or not so well.
I give thanks for what I am experiencing or I am expecting to experience.
I give thanks for no reason at all.

Gratitude reveals all the good there is.


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Reminder to Self - 6

"Instead of worrying about how things are going to pan out why not just say "thank you." This means you are so sure your prayer has been answered you're grateful for it even if it hasn't appeared in form.

"You'll also find you always have reasons to say thank you; and you'll constantly hear thank you wherever you are." ~~ Enocia

Russian Hat

The other night when it was cold and I noticed this woman wearing a Russian hat, the type that covers your ears, I wished I had one.

A while back, I had some photos taken with me wearing a Russian hat, but the hat wasn't mine. It would be nice to have one of my own.

The next day when I was chatting to my mother about hats, she told me she'd found two hats in her wardrobe. One of them was a gift that she's never worn as it's not really her style. She said I could have it if I liked it.

When I looked at it I saw it was a Russian hat, and it fits perfectly.

This morning I noticed a young man walking towards me with a Russian hat on. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

Spasiba, Love, for my hat!


Ps: Spasiba = "thank you" in Russian

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